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      We have been so pleased with the good dog products. Not only does our dog absolutely love these treats and food, but they are good for him.
      Buying dog treats could be frustrating or worrisome knowing that many dog products are often recalled due to very negative health impacts, and trying to ensure treats were made in Canada or the US could be hard to find or at times misleading. As well, knowing that many dog foods allow certain amounts of unhealthy fillers, Having an all human grade product is a great alternative.
      Robin is constantly researching and connecting with professionals in the field to make sure they are using the best products for dogs so we always know our dog is getting the best. Our dog is such an important part of our family and deserves to have food that reflects this.
      Thank you so much The Good Dog Treats for creating such a great product!

      Janna & Tyler -Kilo


      Congratulations to Robin @ The Good Dog Treats for making Tony's meals and life more enjoyable.
      We were struggling with alternative good food options over a period of months. Using different combinations and brands the commercial food option was never the first or best choice, just the only choice
      Thankfully, a neighbour suggested The Good Dog and over the past year Tony loves eating again.
      It's natural, soft, without all the additives. Like buying organic vs processed.
      Great service, friendly, local, and 2 wonderful ladies helping make every dogs life that much better.

      Barry E. - Tony


      We have two little dogs, Frodo and Zoey, who have been eating The Good Dog food for several months. They love it. Frodo, my Bichon, has health issues and needs to be on a fresh, high quality, whole food diet without any artificial additives or preservatives and that is what we get with this diet.
      The treats come in a variety of combinations of flavours and textures and they smell great ... I know because I’ve checked! We are very happy with these products and it feels good to know our dogs are eating well.

      A-J and Neil - Frodo and Zoey


      “The Good Dog food and treats have been amazing for our Ari Gold! He eats better and more consistently and we know we are feeding him a healthy balanced food that helps his energy and happiness.”

      Jim Demeray - Ari Gold


      " I feed my little guy the kibble and have never seen him so excited for supper! He absolutely loves his food. "

      Carly P. - Zaner


      "Better than the healthy pet food I have found in local big pet stores!"

      Jason K. - Delilah