Wishing a fur-bulous day to the happiest dogs we know.

      Our Homemade Dog Birthday Cakes

      We are local and online offering healthy dog food & treats, better than many pet stores. 

      You're crazy about your dog, and you want them to have the best. Unfortunately good, healthy dog cakes are hard to find. Most of the options for dog cakes have long ingredient lists that are filled with chemicals and additives, dull old bones and dog food, or simply overpriced pre-packaged treats. You wouldn't feed any of those to your dog, so why would you buy one? That's where The Good Dog Treats comes in!
      Since your four-legged friend's birthday only comes once a year, why not spoil your dog with one of our custom-made, mouth-watering birthday cakes? We don't just make birthday cakes. We make them for all occasions! Kennel training, learning new tricks or maybe just for being a very good dog. Say goodbye to health-compromising commercial dog cakes that are filled with fillers and preservatives, and say hello to handmade cakes that your dog will go nuts for!
      Here at The Good Dog Treats, we are passionate about making delicious handmade cakes that are healthy for dogs and contain only the freshest high-quality ingredients. Unlike most dog cakes, our cakes are made with only human-grade ingredients and contain no artificial flavours or colourants. We use locally sourced natural ingredients for the best flavour and ensure that all our ingredients are fresh when they arrive at our kitchen. We offer high-quality chicken, beef and pork as traditional protein options and non-traditional protein made with 100% Canadian crickets. We even have vegetarian options made from fresh fruit, vegetables and oat flour!
      Give your dog a handmade cake from The Good Dog Treats, and you won't regret it for a second. We offer various options for your dog's birthday or any other special occasion to cater to your every need. Get in touch with us today for more information on our custom dog cakes!